Refund and Cancellation Policy

FEE POLICY STATEMENT: Innovate Excellence Safety Consultancy is responsible to conduct the training program when the course is enrolled by the delegate in person with advance fee as per schedule, or local purchase order (LPO) from the company.

Payments will be received through cash or debit/credit card, bank transfer and through cheque payment
Note: UAE 5% VAT will be applied for each course/service

FEE REFUND POLICY: Innovate Excellence Safety Consultancy will suspend or cancel commencement of a course when a course is not offered at the proposed date, site, or other reasons where it is necessary to cancel the course. In such cases, if delegate accepts, an alternative course will be offered or a refund will be processed. However, If the delegate wanted to cancel his/her registration before the class or course start date, he/she will receive a refund of 80% payment on the paid fees and VAT amount will also be deducted. If the delegate wanted to cancel or did not start/attend the course/classes within 3 months of joining date, the whole course fee will be forfeited.


Innovate Excellence may suspend or cancel a student enrolment for:
• Failing to abide by the Code of Conduct.
• Compassionate and Compelling circumstances.
• Serious student misconduct, including misbehavior.
• Breach of course progress requirements of a particular course.
• Non-payment of overdue fees including failure to pay an amount that a delegate owed to pay us to undertake or continue the course as stated in the written agreement.

In case of cancellation of a student’s enrolment, we will notify that student in writing of the intention to suspend or cancel their enrolment.